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Soundcloud: little audio clips, also an ‘album’ of all the Let me Tell You a Story audio files. Free to listen, download, or embed.

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DemTigerpaw blog: Publications, CV, and a trilogy in four parts about working in the NHS.Twitter @demtigerpaw

Good Question

Website: Resources for clinicians, theoretical framework, case material, guidelines.

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Readalong Reads

Originator of this unique way of linking printed text to voice files. Anthology, Let Me Tell You a Story. Readalongreads: sounds for stories, tracks for facts.


Behance an online gallery, Strayfisharts a place for arty images, and conboyhilldrawingone  my obligatory Level 1 drawing course learning log.


Not Being First fish and other diary dramas

“MySpace is what we had before we discovered Facebook and began driving our young folk into the darker recesses of Instagram and WhatsApp, before everyone became a musician and flooded us with band noises of variable quality, and just before the whole thing collapsed under the weight of animated glitter bombs. These snippets are drawn from that recent past. They are largely true if a little fictionalised, (very fictionalised if you think you recognise yourself), and of virtually no social value. You might find them a bit funny though because obviously I do.”

Available from Amazon.

Let Me Tell You a Story

Available from Amazon. Here’s an audio clip, and here’s Ian McMillan reading his Foreword. If you’ve never heard a Yorkshire accent, his is like a pint of strong,dark beer in a big dimpled glass.Every story and poem has its own sound track that you access by scanning a QR code. There’s more information about why being able to hear the words as you read them might be important on the Readalongreads site. You can find the book here.

Fat Mo

It happens to clever people,famous people, vulnerable people,lost and hopeless people. It happened to me.”Fat Mo is on sale here with all proceeds going Respond, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities who have experienced sexual abuse and exploitation.